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As insurers and brokers upgrade systems, acquire and sell books of business or consolidate data sources they must ensure the data is transferred seamlessly without any inconvenience to the customers or the business users of that data. It's vital that you retain its completeness as a business asset and its integrity for compliance. 

Without detailed knowledge of the different data structures and business rules of both the source and target system's data migrations can often over-run or fail.   With limited time and tools in-house teams and software vendors generally only migrate the minimum of information.  This can result in a reliance on information from legacy systems, spreadsheets or paper files.  This often leads to companies retaining multiple legacy systems which can be costly, difficult to support and making reporting across disparate data sources unwieldy with no single version of the truth. 


Insurance Data Solutions IDS (previously Insurance Data Migrations, IDM)  have in-depth knowledge of policy administration and underwriting systems for both personnel and commercial lines and binder management software. 

Our knowledge is based on more than three decades of focused experience in carrying out well over a 150 successful conversions for insurers, brokers and software vendors. As we are totally independent insurance data migration specialists, your source data can be passed to us without the risk of infringing your contract with your existing software house. 



With our extensive experience in ETL (extracting, transforming and loading) insurance system data, proven methodology and tools we can ensure migrations are carried out accurately and swiftly whilst improving the quality and quantity of data migrated. 

Our insurance data migration services are much more cost effective than using software vendor, in house teams or contractors. Plus, all our data migrations are supported with 12 months warranty to take you around a full years renewal cycle.  


We have experience in successfully migrating data to / from most of the major policy administration / underwriting system in the UK and many bespoke systems.

Managing Director, Paul Johnson


Our insurance data migration (IDM) team have expertise in migrating to or from a wide range of bespoke systems and many insurance vendor systems (see table). 

There are multiple paths available to Extract, transform and load (ETL) data depending on the source and target systems.

IDS understands the different challenges brokers and insurers face and rest assured we can support you in ensuring you get the best data migration outcome.

SSP Electra M3

SSP Pure SSP Sirius Acturis Websure
SSP Sector S2000 Open GI Cheshire Data CDL Classic /Strata Transactor TGSL
Grapevine Software Quindell TIA Watertrace / BDX Applied
MISYS Policy Master Act Insure Comm Various Bespoke Systems
RDT Landscape        


Small / Medium Sized Brokers
Large Brokers & Insurers
On Demand Data Migration Solution
Software Vendors / Consultancies
Extraction of data from insurance (source) systems Our experience includes landscape analysis and full end to data migration.  Self-service Data Migration Tool - avoid the need for re-keying! Data migration delivered on behalf of software vendors


Ensuring its complete and in the correct format ready for your new software vendor to import into your target insurance system. Includes consolidating multiple systems and data sources and -mproving data quality. Allows user to migrate incrementally and stage a data migration typically on a weekly or monthly basis ahead of renewal.  We will work as an outsourcing partner or we can just provide adhoc. data extractions and assistance to meet your requirements.
Generally includes customers, policies, risks and claims and can include documents.  Normally includes customers, policies, risk details, claims, full financials and documents.  Ensuring the continuation of EDI policies for personal lines and submission of MID details for motor policies (if applicable) etc. Migrates all clients, policies and risks ensuring data quality and a clear audit trail. Ideal for Personnel Lines with Open Market EDI schemes but can be used for any line of business.  We are apt at fitting our migration projects around other aspects of a business transformation where development is on-going. So, after the bulk of the data migration development has been completed we can maintain and update the migration modules up until go-live day.
 Fast and Low-Cost Service Fixed Cost and Proven Methodology Monthly Subscription during use. Further Info   Fixed Cost 

Proven Insurance Data Migration Methodology

Our data migration methodology ensures success for comprehensive end to end insurance system conversions


We deliver full end to end system conversions or we can migrate just partial books of business e.g. following acquisitions. 

 Our insurance data migration (IDM) team have experience in migrating every aspect of your data including;

• Policies - including historical versions, renewals, MTA’s and cancellations
• Full risk information - including bespoke lines of business and open market
• Claims
• Accounts
• Documents all connecting to the correct historical version of the policy
• Additional data such as event-logs, diaries and sticky notes
• EDI for Personnel Lines & MID for Motor

Rest assured we understand the complexities of insurance business rules, the different insurance systems you operate your business on and the continuous communication required with other systems i.e. EDI transactions, bordereaux processing, ELTO and CUE Submissions, catastrophe modelling, data analytics and regulatory reporting etc.


As insurance data migration experts we can advise on the different approaches you can take in the conversion of your data onto new systems ensuring the least amount of disruption to your business;


Data can be migrated over a few months or even a year, usually using the renewal date, line of business or something similar.

IDS On-demand Data Migration Solution (ODMS) 

IDS have developed the ODMS as a web solution enabling users in configuring and initiating a data migration on demand themselves, typically on a weekly or monthly basis ahead of renewal. Fully migrating all clients, policies and risks for any line of business. This ODMS is ideal for personal lines with open market EDI schemes.


It may be that the business prefers a phased approach migrating one business unit or line of business at a time. 

Big Bang

This is when all data is migrated overnight or over a weekend. This is the fastest approach and means with a complete migration you can then switch off the old system.  If it’s only a partial migration the old system will still need to be made available if only for viewing and regulatory purposes or to run down accounts, for instance, the legacy system and target system can be run in parallel for a period-of-time.  Alternatively, the lapsed data can be archived (IDS Archiver Solution).

Insurance Data Archiving Solution 

IDS have developed the Insurance Data Archiving Solution to support brokers and insurers in cost-effectively archiving all lapsed policy data on a modern platform helping to reduce licencing and maintenance costs whilst retaining data for regulatory compliance and reference. The Insurance Data Archiver also helps to reduce sometimes significant storage costs on live systems. 



Our insurance data knowledge provides a real opportunity to lift the business from the data quality constraints of legacy systems.

With our granular understanding of insurance data structures and business rules, we have developed proven analysis techniques and tools to identify and fix errors and discrepancies. We combine this with our understanding of insurance regulatory standards and our ability to talk with business users regarding data governance requirements.  


IDS have developed an Insurance Data Migration Framework Tool which automates many of our migration processes and routines (i.e. no hand-coding). This significantly speeds up the migration process by reducing the time frame and resources required in delivering complex migration projects.

Our incremental and iterative data migration methodology ensures that risks are minimized as issues are identified early.  Through frequent validation phases and releases, we ensure data quality and the reconciliation of all aspects of your data.  Thus, providing opportunities for testing and feedback and if necessary, re-working so that the final release meets the business users’ requirements with no surprises on the live migration. 


A data migration project is traditionally part of a larger change program.  A key factor in data migration success is good communication and coordination with the target system software vendor and key business stakeholders.

Both legacy and target system data are owned by the client and the migration process must be driven by the businesses decisions and processes. 

At IDS we ensure a carefully planned and tailored approach for each migration. Our extensive insurance knowledge gives our clients peace of mind knowing we understand their source and target insurance system database relationships and ensure the data migration side to modernization is quick and efficient. 

After the bulk of the data migration development has been completed we will maintain and update the migration modules with regular releases up until the live day.



Our expert team typically carry out data migration projects in half the time and at half the cost compared to the results from vendors and in-house migration projects.

Our robust scoping and requirement capture and data migration framework tool enables us to offer competitive fixed rates for both on-site and off-site migrations.  

Our methods have been proven on projects which have varied in size from one line of business to multi-site and multi-system insurance migrations that have transferred millions of records.

As we are totally independent, your source data can be passed to us without risk of infringing your contract with your existing software house. 

On Demand Data Migration Solution

Self Service Data Migration Tool 


We are happy to advise on best practice and your migration options.  We are interesting in your requirements and would like to help your business achieve data migration success.