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Data Migration of SSP Electra M3 for Motorcycle Insurer

Specialist Motorcycle Insurance Broker Migrates Data from SSP Electra M3

Client Business Issue

The target systen software vendor was struggling to extract data from SSP Electra M3  for a specialist motorcycle insurance brokers.  The 25 year old legacy back-office system had 1.7 million quotes and policies, together with motorcycle details and accounts. IDM were hired to migrate the data in a particularly short window as the project commenced in the run-up to the start of the motorcycle renewal season. Increasing the complexity was the fact that the client also ran a busy call centre and there were EDI policies.

Client Value Received

After client meetings and a detailed analysis of the data, the client agreed to migrate the last 18 month’s worth of policies and the last 12 months’ worth of quotes. Modules were written to migrate these policies/quotes, the associated customer records, motorcycle, driver, convictions, accidents, client accounts and outstanding diary entries.

Many of the motorcycle policies were transacted using the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), so a key requirement was to ensure that the client could transact these policies seamlessly after the transition to the new system. Migrating the EDI counts for each policy and obtaining sign off from the relevant insurers ensured a successful outcome.

The migration took ten weeks, with the live migration successfully completing over an evening. The client stopped using their legacy system at 4:00 p.m and the new system was ready to use by 9:00 a.m. the following morning.