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System Integration for Age Concern

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Integration Module

We were commissioned by SSP and Age Concern to design and develop an integration module which was going to be used for a period of twelve months to migrate client, policy and household risk information from one insurer to another. On a daily basis, the integration module would be run to pick up the policies that were due for renewal up to that day.

The information was imported in the form of CSV files, the system then transformed this data and stored the records in a database. If any issues were found during the migration the records in question were written to an exception file which could then be examined later. After migration the system archived the files and wrote entries to a log file, detailing information from the migration; such as the number of clients and policies etc.

During the project, we liaised closely with the underwriting staff to ensure that the system was going to be completely robust before handing the integration module over to the operational staff. The integration module ran without a problem for the full twelve months.