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Clear Insurance Management Claims Bordereaux Automation

Clear Insurance Management is one of the country’s leading brokers. With both City and regional offices, Clear continues to grow through strategic acquisitions and currently places more than £90m premium annually amongst both Commercial and Personal lines. One of the largest members of the Brokerbility Network, Clears’ focus on customer service and delivers an enviable client retention rate of over 95% each year.

Household Claims Bordereau Automation

Client Business Issue

Preparing a monthly Household Claims Bordereau for Beazley was a manual process. Issues with this method were the time it took to go through each claim and related resource costs and the risk of human error. Referring to the previous months' bordereau, staff needed to look up each claim held within OpenGI’s Infocentre and manually add updates to status, payments etc. New claims were looked up separately and the details re-keyed into the spreadsheet. Finally, the file was saved as the current months' bordereau. Clear were keen to ensure they had the capacity to efficiently service more claims effectively.

Client Value Received

IDS built a tailored solution that automatically populates the out-going household bordereau spreadsheet by extracting the required fields directly from within Infocentre. The new functionality gives the user the ability to open the previous months' bordereau, enter new ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates into the spreadsheet and hit refresh. The Bordereau is updated with all new claims entered within the period, as well as updating the status and payments on existing claims. This approach entirely removed the manual data entry element, resulting in instantaneous production with consistent logic, dramatically reducing man-hours.

The solution also improves transparency and the overall quality of data being sent. Exception reports highlight data that is missing within Infocentre, such as missing claims and policy dates or incorrect payment references.  An audit log shows counts of risks, sum of premium, fields updated etc. delivering a clear audit trail for compliance. A history log delivers an overview of information such as Count of Claims for the Month, Total Paid, Total Closed etc. for each month.