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Client Issue

As a result of increased sales a leading UK insurance software vendor was under pressure to resource their new clients’ data migration requirements. A lack of specialist data migration resources meant that they had to stretch their in-house development team. In order to offer its clients quality data migrations and a more positive experience the Software Vendor made a strategic decision to seek out data migration specialists. The Software Vendor approached IDM to explore partnership opportunities.

Client Value Received

IDM quickly got to grips with the Software Vendors relational database system and business processes. A successful trail migration (proof of concept) allowed the Software Vendor to gain sufficient confidence and reassurance that IDM could improve for their clients the efficiency and effectiveness of data migrations to their platform. IDM therefore were awarded 6 insurance broker data migrations to be completed over the following 6 months in 2014.  In 2018 IDS continues to support the software vendor in delivering full end to end migrations and visiting prospective clients to give them confidence in the migration side of changing systems.