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Data Migration and System Integration for SSP

SSP is a leading international technology provider for the insurance and financial sectors. 

Over the past 30 years, Paul Johnson MD of Insurance Data Migrations has led numerous large-scale insurance migrations for SSP.

On this occasion, we were asked to review and improve the existing modules which were used to migrate data from competitors systems. The majority of the work involved writing an extension to an existing module to migrate Household Risk information. This added value to new customers because it meant that the broker could quite quickly get to the point of renewing household policies from day one.

We also improved the routines used to migrate private car information, adding various ABI look-ups, again to give the customer more complete information straight after go-live. We visited customer sites to extract sample data and performed tests to ensure that the migration modules were fully functional.  Technical documents where also produced describing the new functionality.  We hosted meetings to hand over the work to the technical staff and migration consultants at the end of the project.