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Insurance Broker Migrations, insurance Software Development and System Integration for Grapevine Software

Grapevine Software Ltd. was an independent software house with a comprehensive back office system most suited to commercial and schemes insurance intermediaries. It integrated with the Quotel ITT personal lines quotation engine to cater for the personal lines requirements of their customer base.

Over 100 Successful Broker Migrations

During his time at Grapevine Paul Johnson (Now Managing Director IDM  IDS) was responsible for all migrations to and from the Grapevine system. Over 100 migrations were performed over a period of around ten years. During this time data was migrated from most of the leading broker systems; Misys (now Open GI), MCS, Policymaster, CDL, Electra, Broker Pak and ACT, to name but a few.

Typical data migrations would include, clients, policies, personal lines, commercial lines, financial, documents and claims. Paul not only designed and developed the migration modules, he also performed the migrations on broker sites, travelling nationwide in the process ensuring each clients’ records and details where migrated smoothly and accurately to support their business.

Tailored Software Development

At the point of moving onto Grapevine Software the majority of clients required not only data migrations but also had tailored software development requirements which Grapevine was happy to fulfil. As well as doing the data migrations Paul Johnson (now MD of IDM / IDS was a hands-on software developer for brokers.  Projects included:

System Integration for Quotel & Northpark

Paul designed and developed the interfaces which allowed the Grapevine system to integrate with the Quotel and Northpark personal lines quotation systems.  The interfaces typically transferred details from the quotes engines into the back office system, creating clients, policies and risk details. Risks could then be amended using bespoke screens in the back office system. Risk details were then transferred back into the quotes engines when the user wanted to perform a mid-term adjustment or re-quote renewal. An automatic renewal re-quote interface was developed which allowed brokers to automatically re-quote all policies between given dates.

Integration Module for Britannia Building Society

Another example was a bespoke integration module which integrated into the Grapevine system was the Britannia Building Society module. The module allowed Britannia users to capture household risk information for the household policies which were sold alongside Britannia mortgages, the users could then quote on this information, using tables which were maintained by Britannia. This linked to a BACS module, written by Paul, which allowed Britannia to collect Direct Debit payments from customers bank accounts.