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Buddies Pet Insurance Bordereaux and Triangulations

Buddies is a specialist Pet Insurance Managing General Agent with a network of agents and retail partners across the UK.  The UK pet insurance sector now accounts for £1bn of gross written premiums and has grown at a compound annual rate of 9% over the last 5 years.

Buddies approached IDS in 2016 for an efficient bordereau solution that would ensure accurate and timely data and triangulations for their underwriter a the time Zenith Insurance. 


Client Business Issue

Buddies obtain monthly data files from their OpenGi administration system. Data including Policy (new business & renewals), MTA, cancellations & cashbook financials.  They had attempted to work with several other companies of various sizes to deliver this solution and have had various levels of success – but the process had always been a challenge and often took up to two weeks to produce their complex year of account bordereaux.

Client Value Received

IDS worked closely with operations staff to develop an in-depth understanding of the data and then created a solution to import, transform & aggregate the raw data. By applying data quality controls and business logic rules to calculate commissions, net and gross premiums, Buddies are now able to produce accurate monthly Bordereau by Year of Account in the format required by the Underwriter. What used to be an unreliable two-week process has become an automated and efficient task which can be turned around within the same day.  Driving better decisions with reliable data being generated, Buddies could then seek to import claims data and improve insight by means of MI and triangulation reports to drive business decisions going forward. 

Building upon the Bordereau solution, IDS created an underlying data structure designed to automatically take the existing data & new claims data and transform it into explorative MI.  Aggregated to breakdown premiums from different standpoints, Buddies MI and Triangulation reports now calculate totals, averages, Loss and Profit ratios by key areas of the business, including Risk Type, Transaction Type, Cover Level and Breed, and display this information by year of account, year month and development month.

In 2017 Buddies Pet Insurance was acquired by Legal and General. The IDS Bordereaux Solution continues to be the successful solution used to produce the Buddies Pet Insurance bordereau process and triangulations for Legal and General.


“Through working with IDS we now produce accurate monthly bordereau quickly and with less internal effort. We meet underwriter’s deadlines every month and can also create the required MI triangulations allowing us to assess our performance, make accurate decisions going forward and collaborate with our underwriter.” Marianne Metaxas – Managing Director, Buddies pet insurance 

“…it was refreshing to work with a team that understood the particular demands of an SME. We have worked with several other companies of various sizes to deliver this solution and have had various levels of success – none have been as easy to work with, or provided a better service and outcome than IDS.” Jenny White – Operations Manager, Buddies Pet Insurance