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CRK Commercial Insurance Services Ltd. Testimonial

“IDS migrated our documents from SSP Electra to Acturis and also archived all of our data including financials onto IDS Archiver. This gave us peace of mind our data was secure and compliant on a modern platform and allowed us to successfully decommission Electra M3."

Ian Wilcock, Insurance Specialist, CRK Commercial Insurance Services Ltd

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Complete Cover Group Ltd. Testimonial

“We have been successfully using the ODMS for the last 10 months to migrate Household and Motor EDI policies at renewal on a weekly basis from SSP Electra to Open GI.”

Carmen McDonagh, Chief Operating Officer, Complete Cover Group Ltd

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Commercial Express Testimonial

"IDS successfully migrated the last 7 years of data for 36 lines of business including full financials and 3 and half million documents from Websure to Transactor. I can highly recommend their migration services."

Duncan Pritchard, Managing Director, Commercial Express

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Regis Mutual Testimonial

"IDS have successfully delivered 3 migrations for Regis Mutual and as a trusted supplier we commissioned them to develop our Regis CUE Solution giving us confidence that claims are submitted within the time to supply.” 

Paul Bird, Head of Technology, Regis Mutual

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Buddies Pet Insurance Testimonial

"Through working with IDS we now produce accurate monthly bordereau quickly and with less internal effort. We meet underwriter’s deadlines every month and can also create the required MI triangulations allowing us to assess our performance, make accurate decisions going forward and collaborate with our underwriter.”

Marianne Metaxas – Managing Director, Buddies pet insurance

“…it was refreshing to work with a team that understood the particular demands of an SME. We have worked with several other companies of various sizes to deliver this solution and have had various levels of success – none have been as easy to work with, or provided a better service and outcome than IDS.”

Jenny White – Operations Manager, Buddies Pet Insurance

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P&L Business Developmen tLtd.

"Whilst I was PLC Director at MS Amlin Paul and his team successfully completed a large and complex end to end migration for Motor Fleet, Property and Liability LOBS and consolidated all the data onto our new bespoke underwriting system where other consultants had failed. Paul is an intelligent and expert developer and by far the best ever data migration person I have ever come across. He possesses the rare skill of being able to understand insurance business needs and deliver an appropriate solution.
I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Johnson, MD of Insurance Data Solutions  (IDS) and his team."

Brian Carpenter, Director at P&L Business Development Ltd. Previously: Underwriter / PLC Director at MSAmlin 

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Cedar Underwriting Ltd.

 "Insurance Data Solutions play a key role in supporting us - we value their expertise and speed in responding to all our insurance data requirements and their analytics framework allows us to securely make our dashboards available to external partners. Cedar Underwriting provides added value to its insurers and coverholders with advanced management information and analytics to help drive business and inform insurers of performance."

Jordan Gregg, Managing Director at Cedar Underwriting 

Leading Lloyd Insurer Marketing Department

Just to let you know I've just received some really great feedback on your dashboards from a senior manager in our Reinsurance business, The word "impressive" was used. We've got some very interesting work in the pipeline so very much looking forward to getting you involved in more initiatives." 

Leading Lloyds Insurer Marketing Director

Lycetts Head of IT Gareth Jones Testimonail

"To fully support our legal and regulatory requirements Lycetts selected the IDS Insurance Archiving Solution to maintain the data integrity of all live client data as well as all the historic data and documents from all four systems for the last six years. By decommissioning all four legacy systems we have significantly reduced future licencing and maintenance costs, improved user access to respond to queries and with the data all in a common format reporting and analytics will also be much improved."

Gareth Jones, Head of IT Lycetts

LLoyd and Whyte Group Director of Finance

During September 2020 we migrated Business Choice Direct Insurance Services onto its own Citrix platform with the help of Eloquent Technologies Limited

During this project, we needed a new suite of MI reports. Paul Johnson of INSURANCE DATA SOLUTIONS and his team have been brilliant at writing all the reports in Power BI. We now have set of real-time operational and management reports reporting off Open GI so we can see the state of play any time of the day. 

We are now working with IDS on a data warehouse for a single source of the truth and dashboards for each of the businesses within the group and groupwide dashboards pulling data together from multiple data sources including OpenGI. SSP, Acturis, TAM and Intelligent Office for our Financial Services arm.

The knowledge Paul and his team have really brought the data to life and is essential for us to manage our business.

Thanks, Paul and Alex!"  Stephanie Truman, Group Director of Finance Lloyd & Whyte

Pukka Services Testimonial

"Have used Insurance Data Solutions for some rather complex systems data migration work and have to say very impressed" 

Andy Woodbridge, Associate Director Insurer Operations at Pukka