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Exhibiting at Tintech London Market 3rd Feb 2015

Tintech London Market Conference 2015

IDM will be exhibiting at this Tintech Technology London Event where we are looking forward to networking with leading executives in the Insurance Sector. We will be promoting the business benefits of our specialist insurance data migration services and our data solutions to improve business process efficiencies and gain competitive advantage with the power of data.

"The London Market is at a crossroads and technology is the driver for change" is the events strap line.

The days of market wide technology initiatives moving at the pace of the slowest adopters are numbered. Forward thinking companies understand the power of data and how to leverage it, and are investing in technology and talent to support their operations and expand into new markets. TINtech London Market is not about the technicalities of processing or standards – this event explores the extraordinary shifts already taking place, how technology can and will drive change and efficiency, and provide new well as the strategic impact on the market and individual organisations.

The conference agenda has been developed to combine insurance industry thought leaders and practical case studies with cutting edge perspectives from outside the industry in order to generate discussion and debate on how the market can leverage new technologies and ways of working.

Topics to be discussed include:

Where is technology making a real difference in the market – and where will it impact the most?
What can we learn from the way other industries leverage technology and data?
Are technology companies producing the right solutions?
How can we change the mind-set of only using technology to replicate existing processes when the real opportunity is to fundamentally change the way business is conducted?
What are the risks and rewards of embracing technology developments now?

"Technology strategy now has the biggest influence on an organisation’s success or fail"

The Insurance Network is a strategy and benchmarking forum for directors from the General Insurance and Lloyd’s & London Markets.

This established and exclusive network hosts a full calendar of events where senior business leaders from brokers and insurers meet to discuss the latest strategic issues in both formal and informal environments. The events range from focused breakfast briefings for a dozen directors to full day conferences for 200+.

About the author

Cheryl Flynn has been the Sales and Marketing Director of the company for the past eleven years.